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Here at Peyton B. Burkhalter Law, I make it a point to provide all my clients with personalized, effective legal service. Whether you face a personal injury case or need criminal defense, I will be there to help.

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Rely On An Experienced Attorney

With over 25 years of experience, I have spent my career providing my clients with the personalized legal assistance they need. I am known for my persistence; I’m not someone who will simply settle out of court through negotiation. I will take your case before a judge or jury so I can fight for your compensation, defend you against the criminal justice system, or make sure your voice is heard in a divorce. I will be your strongest advocate in any Louisiana court; you can be confident in my skills as a trial attorney.

Don’t Settle. Fight Back.

Your legal matter is important, so you don’t want a lawyer who is going to simply settle for the path of least resistance. You want an advocate who is going to be there for you and fight back every step of the way. I will ensure that your rights are protected and your opinions are heard in the court of law.

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