I Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

I’ll Be There When Push Comes To Shove

There are many kinds of lawyers you can turn to when you are in legal trouble. Some lawyers will read you the legal codes directly from the books. Some will sit with you and hold your hand as you get difficult news. And there are those ready and able to fight.

I’m in that last group. For the last 28 years at Peyton B. Burkhalter Law, I have fought the fights my clients need across Metairie. Whether criminal charges, personal injuries or family law disputes, I attack legal problems using all the knowledge and insights I’ve gained over my career. When the problems ahead of you seem too big, turn to a lawyer who isn’t afraid of the road ahead.

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Aggressive Strategies Gain Ground

Over the course of my career as an attorney, one lesson I learned is that bold steps are often the most effective. A strong opening strategy and persistent legal pressure can keep you ahead and in control of legal problems from:

My experience in Louisiana law in all of the above areas is important. I know exactly how aggressive to be to make the best of your legal position. You will always know I’ve fought as hard for you as possible.

Attentive To Your Needs

I make a major difference to my clients by giving each of them direct, hands-on attention. I provide honest assessments of their cases and thorough explanations of the legal variables. In these ways, I take my clients’ difficulties off their plates as much as possible.

I follow your lead by understanding your goals and move on with the strength and resilience you need.

Meet With Me To Learn More

When you’re ready to take the first step to getting greater control of your legal future, I’m here. I’ll review every question and give you the strength and attention your legal troubles deserve. Free consultations are available by calling 504-527-4060 or sending an email using this form.