I Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

I Stand With You Against Criminal Charges

Any criminal charge you face comes with significant, lasting legal penalties. From jail time to fines to personal consequences, the stakes for you are high. You deserve an attorney who will fight to protect you as hard as possible.

At Peyton B. Burkhalter Law, I’ve spent 28 years fighting for the rights of clients in Metairie. I’m aggressive and direct with the cases I take on because the harder I fight; the more difficult it is for prosecutors to prove their cases.

Defense From A Former Prosecutor

Louisiana law is extremely hard on anyone charged with a crime. As a former prosecutor myself, I know exactly how far the authorities will go to secure a conviction. I routinely fight for my clients in such cases as:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Theft
  • Serious felonies

When you have questions or worries about your case, I’ll be there to meet with you and provide you with the guidance you need and the advocacy you deserve. I’ll stand up for your rights in the face of criminal charges.

Aggressive Action Against DUIs

I am an aggressive attorney for all cases, but in DUIs, it pays off well. Each part of a DUI charge is wide open to a strong attack; from the initial stop to the conduct of the arresting officer to the equipment used, there are many weaknesses. I attack all of the points available to force the prosecution to work harder for your case than they had hoped.

I Will Fight For You Rights

You are innocent until proven guilty; that’s the bottom line. I will make sure that everyone respects your rights.

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