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Professional Licensee Defense

Disciplinary proceedings for a Louisiana licensed professional including Contractors, Private  Investigators, Dentists, Physicians, Nurses and other licensed professionals, can have serious consequences. Every professional attempts to avoid disciplinary proceedings but complaints from clients or patients are not uncommon and could result in disciplinary action. The majority of Louisiana licensing boards conduct their own disciplinary actions. Therefore, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable about not only the Board but also the process including the Administrative Procedure Act and the Board Rules on adjudication. If you are a professional facing disciplinary proceedings, you need representation. Upon receipt of correspondence from a licensing Board, you should protect your rights by hiring an attorney to represent you. Not only is your profession your livelihood it is a way of life. Do not let your way of life end because of an adverse ruling in a disciplinary proceeding.

In addition to being the Executive Director of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry, where I was responsible for the drafting of the Board Rules on disciplinary actions and the disciplinary processes of the Board, I successfully represented many individuals and companies before Licensing Boards in the state of Louisiana. A working knowledge of the procedure utilized by the boards and thorough understanding of the Administrative Procedure Act is essential for any attorney handling disciplinary matters before professional licensing agencies or Boards. If you are facing disciplinary action in Louisiana before a licensing Board or Agency, my office can help protect your rights, serve as your advocate and mitigate any potential adverse action of the licensing agency or board. There are a number of acts upon which disciplinary proceedings may be based. Most licensing boards define acts of unprofessional conduct either in Louisiana Statutes or Board Rules. In general, Boards may take action to suspend or revoke a license based upon any of the following:

  1. Dishonest or fraudulent acts which cause damage to another;
  2. Criminal acts;
  3. The excessive use of Alcohol or Drugs;
  4. Mental illness and incompetence;
  5. Failure to Properly Supervise a Subordinate; and
  6. Loaning or allowing the use of a license by an unlicensed individual;

Most, if not all, Boards have great latitude in the level of sanction or action they take against a licensee. Proper representation by an experienced advocate is essential from the initial notification. Your lawyer has the ability to secure information on the charges, the evidence and the potential disposition of the action prior to the institution of formal charges. If you are a professional licensee who is facing disciplinary action by a licensing board in Louisiana, you have rights and you should have someone who is there at every step of the action to protect those rights. Please contact Peyton B. Burkhalter Law at 504-527-4060 or email me to discuss the disciplinary issue you are facing. Do not allow a mistake to change your way of life.